hostap_cs module autoload at startup

Anand S. Katti askatti
Sat Oct 25 02:16:30 PDT 2003

> I cannot think of any situation when presence orinoco_cs as a module or as
> part of the kernel could affect whether the card is bound to hostap_cs.
> Binding is done by cardmgr, which does it based on its configuration
> files.  PCMCIA drivers are never bound by themselves, just because they
> support the device.

The thing is if i compile hostap onthe same machine then i dont have any
problem, if i copy those generated drivers{hostap_cs.o,hostap.o} to some
other machines, the problem arises. Orinoco_cs is seen in these case and
not the hostap_cs.

I feel im missing some thing, which is done by compiling the hostap
source.probably that is not letting cardmgr to load hostap_cs.

> cardmgr reads /etc/pcmcia/config first and then /etc/pcmcia/*.conf files.
> Later entries to be read have priority.  Just find other
> /etc/pcmcia/*.conf files that refer to orinoco_cs, move them away
> and restart cardmgr.

I have only config and hostap_cs.conf files on /etc/pcmcia.
And i've added pcmcia card details of my card at the start of the config
file itself so that the cardmgr loads hostap_cs first.

Its still not working.

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