Why not transfert the wireless-independant AP functionalities onto a central Ethernet-PC ?

Michael Richardson mcr
Tue Oct 21 20:42:31 PDT 2003


>>>>> "Dominique" == Dominique Blas <ml at blas.net> writes:
    Dominique> I'm using IPSEC everyday so I know about it.

  have you seen www.wavesec.org?

    Dominique> That is why I suggested to transfert this kind of public
    Dominique> secure fonctionalities on a PC rather than using the ones
    Dominique> insides the APs. 
  I agree. it also has a major win once you consider a conference or other
event with dozens of APs, and you want them cheap, low power, and trivial
to set up. That means no space for hifn crypto chips. You need to put that
stuff in a central place.

    >> Now, if we could get IPsec accelerated hardware and proper
    >> IPsec integration in the OS, life would be much better.

  so, the other thing we (Xelerance.com) are doing is to see about supporting
Win2K's built in IPsec. We know we can support OS/X once we figure out how
to interface to its dhcp client. People on the inside have told us how,
but I haven't followed their instructions yet.

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