"Buffer for request too small" -- try this

David S. Geirsson david
Wed Oct 22 07:11:03 PDT 2003

I was browsing the list archives today, and noticed some questions about
the error message "Buffer for request 8B0B too small". I just wanted to
say that I had this problem after I upgraded my kernel with the wireless
extensions 16 patch (this patch is, I hear, integrated into linux kernel
v2.4.23). I got the message when I tried using wavemon. The solution (in
this specific case) was simple -- update your system headers and
recompile wavemon. The specific header is include/linux/wireless.h,
though it's a good idea to always update your headers with your kernel.

Anyway, just thought people might want to try this, see if it helps

David S. Geirsson
david at loesje.nl
+31 642561928 (0642561928)

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