Why not transfert the wireless-independant AP functionalities onto a central Ethernet-PC ?

Dominique Blas ml
Tue Oct 21 11:07:43 PDT 2003

as you can see market AP products are evolving so fast that a new generation appears every 4 months.
I do not speak of 802.11 standards but only about wireless-independant fonctionalities like WEP, WEP2, TKI, EAP, WEP key distribution, and so on.

As you can imagine it's not possible for people to trash this kind of material every few months or so.

So why don't we not implement the more stable functionalities (WEP, WEP2, TKI, EAP, etc) on a central PC and keep the minimum on the APs ?

That is to say  APs will be considered only as Ethernet - Wireless transceivers (MAC conversion) and all the major functions transfered elsewhere.

It's already possible to support WEP with hostap-crypt. 

	It could be easily feasible to implement a hostap Ethernet  driver that looks like hostap_[cs|pci] from the hostap_crypt point of view, couldn't it be ?


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