Shared Key authentication and Windows XP

Leonardo Pereira Santos lsantos
Mon Oct 20 14:01:33 PDT 2003

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Hi Everybody!
I'm writing to the list because I couldn't get a answer from Jason Boxman's 
how-to nor from Goggle.
My question is quite simple: when I turn on static WEP on a AP with hostap and 
configure a Windows XP client to use it, the client is able to ping the AP, 
so WEP is working fine.
But when I configure the AP to only use shared key authentication, and un-plug 
then plug the client's PCCard, it isn't able to associate. The only way to 
make it associate is to disable in the client the shared key auth, eject the 
card, insert it, and then re-enable the shared key auth. Then client then 
associates and is able to ping the AP, but if I eject and insert the client 
card again, it again can't associate.
Is there a specific setting at the AP to avoid this behaviour? IMHO the shared 
key auth should be turned on to indicate a wrong WEP, for example, ans if I 
enable Open System Auth but do not configure the correct WEP options, the 
client is able to associate but can't ping the AP, as expected.

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