[BUG] reproduceable PANIC in recent hostap driver

JuanJo Ciarlante jjo-hostap
Sun Oct 19 17:23:40 PDT 2003


System: P-166Mhz, linux-2.4.22, Debian 3.0r1, hostap-0.1.[01];
        Prism2.5 DWL-520, PRI v1.1.1, STA v1.7.4

Doing ifconfig wlan0 PANICs "immediatly" if ospfd (from zebra pkg) is running.

Oops always shows ospfd process paniced; I guess is something related to
netlink stuff changed around 0.0.4 (I'd been getting panics but didn't find
the possible cause, ... 'til today ;), ospfd holds a netlink socket to get
reported about interface/routing/etc news.

Another interesting thing is that the panic is the infamous
"Aieee killing interrupt handler"; given that it would seem to happen under
process context --*always* ospfd--. 
Obviously after that big red button is the only escape.

Feeding ksymoops with hand written address (1st in the stack trace) gives
  c0113509 <schedule+4d/314>



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