Recognising senao cards

Chan Yong Wei cerenyx
Sat Oct 18 06:25:38 PDT 2003

There are Senao cards that are 100mW, not 200mW, and I believe the
2011CD model is <100mW.

Afraid I can't help with the finding out, though.

Chan Yong Wei

Jim TerWee wrote:
 > 200mw
 >>Hi. I have a Senao card here (NL-2511CD PLUS EXT2). This is supposedly
 >>the 200mW version of this model, but I would like to find out for
 >>certain. I wanted to ask if anyone knew a good way of finding out
 >>(reliably) if the card is a 200mW or 100mW card.
 >>Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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