Increasing intersil prism2+ based card power (fwd)

James B. Hiller jhiller
Wed Oct 15 20:31:11 PDT 2003


Sorry to repeat this message, but this was asked the other day, and
no one has bitten on it.  Am also interested in finding out the
answers to the questions posed below, if someone can address them.


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> I found quite interesting article :
> In the end of this article it's written:
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Although as yet untested, reference to the following Intersil document 
> shows that CR31 controls the transmit power which is by default at 0xF0.
> Setting this to 0x80 (these values are in hex, just use 80 in the software!)
> should set the power to 100mW instead of the default 30mW.  The tool to do
> this is at
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Unfortunately all these links are dead:(
> Thanks to google, I found Jouni Malinen post
> (
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
> 'writemif' can be used with following command:
> 'iwpriv wlan0 writemif <CR*2> <value to be written>'
> (e.g., 'iwpriv wlan0 writemif 26 17' sets bits 4 (SleepIQ) and
>  0 (Enable test mode commands) of CR13.
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Does it mean that 'iwpriv wlanX writemif' configures registers, and it's no
> need of this windows program? However it's need of fn4856.pdf document, so
> have somebody downloaded this doc earlear, maybe you could share it with me?
> Is it possible to increase power of Intersil Prism2x card using this way?
> Valdemaras Pipiras


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