Management Frames prioritized ?

Sorin PAUN Laurentiu-Sorin.Paun
Wed Oct 15 04:48:22 PDT 2003

Do the management frames (Probe, Auth, Assoc Req/Resp) are prioritized 
in rapport with data frames in the driver?

More exactly, if an AP has data traffic to transmit to its associated 
stations, does it have a queue in the driver or in the firmware? Do we 
have some control on the size or can we perform operations on this 
queue? And if it is receiving a Probe Request, does the Probe Response 
frame bypass the data traffic queue?

In the opposite direction, if a station has data traffic to transmit and 
if I request it to do a scan, does it wait to transmit the data frames 
before to send the Probe Requests?

The second question is not relied to this driver specifically, but are 
the management frames prioritized in some way at the MAC level? I found 
some 802.11 tutorials that claimed that stations that have management 
frames to transmit wait only a SIFS and in this way they are prioritized 
in rapport with other stations that are issuing data traffic, but I 
think that in the 802.11 protocol it is stated that all STA have to wait 
a DIFS when transmitting a frame...

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