Prism2/2.5/3 Host AP - new release v0.1.0 - 2003-10-14

Jouni Malinen jkmaline
Tue Oct 14 18:23:49 PDT 2003

A new version of Prism2/2.5/3 Host AP driver was just released and it
is now available from

I have still lot of pending email to go through, but though it would
be better to get a new release out for testing now and then make a new
bug fix release v0.1.1 based on bug reports..

2003-10-14 - v0.1.0

* fixed wlan#wds#, wlan#ap, and wlan#sta netdevice unregistration
  with Linux 2.6.x by using dev->destructor to delaying the freeing of
  allocate memory area
* added PCI ID for Prism3 mini-PCI [hostap_pci]
* fixed yield() backward compatibility code for Linux 2.4.0 .. 2.4.18
* added support for 32-bit CommTallies (if STA f/w >= 0.8.2); these
  do not wrap around as easily as 16-bit tallies and this should
  eliminate some InfDrop events during high load
* update counters used for /proc/net/hostap/wlan#/stats periodically
  (every 10 seconds) even if there are no unsolicited CommTallies
* fixed CommTallies handling on big endian platforms
* added support for merging two srec file (Primary and Secondary(STA)
  firmware) into one non-volatile (flash) download
  (both file names are given on prism2_srec command line)
* added support for volatile download of Primary firmware using
  Genesis mode (this is available only for hfa3842; hfa3841, i.e., old
  Prism2 cards, require hardware changes for similar function)
  ('-g' command line option in prism2_srec)
* added support for Primary-only mode, i.e., let card be initialized
  to minimal state if secondary image is not present; this mode allows
  downloading secondary image both to flash and RAM (this and/or
  Genesis mode can be used to fix cards that do not work due to
  incorrect/corrupted secondary image); enabled Primary download to
  flash since such operation does not anymore make cards unusable with
  the Host AP driver
* fixed failure handling in PCI probe not to crash kernel [hostap_pci]
* reduced verbosity of prism2_srec (use '-v' or '-vv' options to get
  more details, if needed)
* merged hostap_crypt module into hostap module; Note: old
  hostap_crypt module should be removed since it prevents loading of
  the new hostap module
* separated different components (driver, hostapd, and utils) into
  their own tarballs; new versions the these tarballs can be released
  separately in the future
* fixed inactivity polling of stations that are in power saving mode
  (this worked with hostapd, but was broken when kernel-based 802.11
  management was used)
* modified scanning (in Managed mode; iwlist wlan0 scan) to use
  HostScan request if firmware supports it (STA f/w >= 1.3.1);
  improved scan result reporting (both SIOCGIWSCAN and
  /proc/net/hostap/wlan#/scan_results use the latest scan results);
  reduced debug messages in kernel log for scanning since all
  information is now available through better interfaces; generate
  "Scan request completed" iwevents even when host_roaming=0
* added persistent mode for volatile download (keep firmware data in
  kernel memory and automatically download images to the card in case
  of hw_reset; without this, card would return to the firmware images
  that are stored in flash); this mode is enabled by adding '-p' flag
  to prism2_srec command line when loading primary and secondary
  firmware into RAM
* added support for sending interim accounting updates to RADIUS
  Accounting server (hostapd.conf: radius_acct_interim_interval)

Jouni Malinen                                            PGP id EFC895FA

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