HostAP 20030727 a.k.a. v0.0.4 guide

Jason Boxman jasonb
Sat Oct 11 16:15:52 PDT 2003


Well, it's a day shy of a year since 20021012 came out which my last 
article[1] quickly followed, but it's close enough to release 20030727, my 
guide for HostAP v0.0.4[2].  (Which means 0.0.5 will probably come out 


I added a section that covers basic WDS with bridging and an interesting non 
Prism2 device some of you might remember my posts about from last year.  The 
links, requirements, and installation procedure are now reflective of present 
day HostAP.  The RAM download firmware section has been updated and expanded 
to be more useful.  Card up on boot information for RedHat 9 and Debian 3.0 
has been added.  The familiar WEP, bridging, and basic wireless-tools 
sections are still around as well.

Corrections, suggestions, and additions welcome, of course.

I regret not adding anything about 802.1x, but that's really an entire 
discussion onto itself.

Jouni: You'll probably want to replace my old link for Hostap 20021012 on your 
links page with this more recent installment.



Jason Boxman
Administrator TrekWeb.COM - Linux Pages

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