STA firmware for zcomax XI-325H (wds setp)

Pavel Roskin proski
Tue Oct 7 23:14:41 PDT 2003

On Tue, 7 Oct 2003, alf romeo wrote:

> I googled for the 1.5.x/higher sta firmware and got one from
> The version i got was
> 1.7.4, but can't seem to load the new firmware to the pc card.Here are
> the messages i got after doing './hostap_diag wlan0', './prism2_srec
> wlan0 -r SF010704.HEX'.
> This image is not meant to be downloaded to volatile
> memory.

I think the message is perfectly clear.  Images for flashing should not be
loaded to volatile RAM and vice versa.  Either "-r R" or "-f S".  And by
the way, you need to upgrade primary firmware to 1.1.1.  The HOWTO for
upgrading firmware is here:

It's the second hit for the Google search for "how to upgrade intersil
firmware", by the way.

> Incompatible updata data.

You are using an old prism2_srec utility.  This "updata" typo has been
fixed for months.  Don't even think about flashing primary firmware with
it - you'll kill the card.  Either use CVS hostap or the Windows utility,
as described in the HOWTO.

Pavel Roskin

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