The list is still busted, I'm quitting

Kevin Wang cwang
Mon Oct 6 15:46:23 PDT 2003

Please unsubscribe me. Thanks.

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Subject: The list is still busted, I'm quitting


The problem described in this message is still not resolved:

I wrote to hostap-admin at but got no reply.  I asked system
administrator of, and they confirm that the messages from
hostap at don't pass verification of the sender address.  I was
given an option to turn the verification for my address completely, but it
would expose my account to much more spam than I'm getting now.

It's very sad that such a promising project as HostAP has a mailing list
that doesn't work properly and limits participation of those who can
contribute something to the discussion and to the project.

I've been waiting for more than a month.  There is no point to waste IP
traffic by e-mails that don't reach me.  I'm unsubscribing now.  Please
don't ask me any questions about HostAP project.

Pavel Roskin
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