wds problem in hostap

maggie cross magzcross
Mon Oct 6 00:06:15 PDT 2003

hello guys,
Im a newbie in the hostap environment and i am trying
to work on with the wds feature of the hostap.

here is my set up:

(AP-A) hwaddr: 00:60:B3:76:9E:8A  ipaddr:

(AP-B) hwaddr: 00:60:B3:7A:1B:45  ipaddr:

now what i did is just i followed the instructions on
the README of the hostap-0.0.3 driver.

here's what i get

[root at Birch root]# iwpriv wlan0 wds_add
Interface doesn't accept private ioctl...
wds_add (8BEA): No buffer space available

what is the problem withm my system??
what should i do?

hope i can have your solutions in this one.

best regards,
maggie c.

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