"old style" (max 11mbit/s) access points

Szűcs Tibor robit
Mon May 26 02:17:50 PDT 2003



I have some old style access point like a WAP11 v1.1, KTI KW-111 

I set them in wireless client mode (set the AP mac...).

the access point : Linux-hostap (wisp2588) linksys wmp11 card 1.4.9


I can ping the AP client  from the AP.

but cannot ping the AP form my laptop over the AP client(kw-111)!!!

If I use new style(22mbit/s) AP (dwl900ap+) in client mode all is ok!


What's the problem?

How can I use the kw-111 or another "old style" Access Point on Client


Regards from Robit



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