HostAP on iPaq

Projekt Manager projekt.manager
Fri Mar 7 04:26:57 PST 2003


Vincas Ciziunas wrote:
 > You are using the toolchain for the lart.  Why don't you try using the
 > toolchain from  Just a thought.

Thanks for the tip.  Tried it this morning, but there are early 
compilation errors using the toolchain (ver 2.95.3).

arm-linux-gcc: installation problem, cannot exec 'cpp0': No such file
or directory make: ***[driver/modules/hostap_cs.o] Error 1

btw: the toolchain from LART is ver 3.0

I'm kinda running out of ideas here.  Before jumping into the code 
(which could be a gory experience, considering my C skills), I am going 
to check if there is a fault with the pcmcia package itself, just to 
eliminate one variable.

Would be great if someone with knowledge of the HostAP source code to 
cooperate with me on this iPAQ prot.


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