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> WLAN chip maker Intersil has become the first major casualty of the battle
> to dominate the crowded Wi-Fi silicon market. Today it said it will sell its
> WLAN chip business to DSL chip specialist Globespan Virata for $365 million
> in cash and shares. 
> Intersil is one of the best-known WLAN chip companies and has been in the
> market for more than five years. But as demand for Wi-Fi products has
> ballooned, it has had to face many new competitors, almost all of them based
> in the Far East and choosing to compete on price. 
> So Globespan will get the WNPG, while Intersil will focus exclusively on its
> analog products. The Analog Product Groups are "approaching a $500 million
> annual revenue run rate", said Beyer, who also noted that the business grew
> by more than ten per cent during the first half of the year compared to the
> same period in 2002. 
> Intersil's WNPG employs around 300 people in design, sales, marketing and
> applications development, all of whom will become Globespan workers.
> Intersil's Prism branded products and the intellectual property they embody
> will be transferred to Globespan too. 
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