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Jouni Malinen jkmaline
Sat Jul 12 03:06:50 PDT 2003

On Thu, Jul 03, 2003 at 12:04:28PM +0200, "Holth?fer, Bastian" wrote:

> I have a DWL650 (Prism2.5) Pri 1.1.1, Sta 1.7.4 and hostap 0.0.3 in use. First, trying to hide the ssid via "iwpriv <dev> prism2_param enh_sec 1" does not succeed, my WindowsXP-client still finds the ap. The driver accepts and sets the parameter successfully ("iwpriv <dev> getprism2_param enh_sec" shows the right value). Second, I also used the parameters 2 and 3 and got an error like

Those commands should either be "iwpriv <dev> enh_sec <val>" or
"prism2_param <dev> enh_sec <val>" (and similarily for get operations).

> Is the 1.7.4 still buggy or did I mess up with something?

I did not test STA f/w 1.7.4 now, but there was a problem in the driver
not resetting Port0 after changing enh_sec value. At least with v1.7.1,
Port0 must be resetted to take some of these changes into use.
Apparently, beacons do not change before this, but the ignore SSID part
may change even without reset.

I fixed this in the CVS version, so either update to the current CVS
snapshot or run 'iwpriv wlan0 reset 2' after setting enh_sec as a

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