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Gopalakrishnan Raman graman
Tue Jul 8 12:14:16 PDT 2003

On a related note, I noticed the following behavior when using the hostap driver.
1. I've configured my D-Link NIC to operate as a station using the command
	iwconfig wlan0 essid new1 mode Managed
    and it associated fine with another AP (whose essid is new1).
2. Prior to this I used prism2_srec to upgrade my NICs firmware to RF010702.HEX
3. I then put my NIC in monitor mode to sniff 802.11 packets using Ethereal using the
	iwconfig wlan0 mode monitor
    Ethereal works just fine and picks up all the .11 frames

4. I now tried to associate another STA with the AP. Unexpectedly, my NIC card that
    was in monitor mode started replying to probe requests from the STA. The STA got
    confused and sent .11 authentication request to my NIC card rather than the AP.

    How can I prevent my hostap controlled NIC card behaving as an AP when it is monitor mode ?
    Ideally, I would like to use my hostap driver as a passive 802.11 monitor and not behave as an AP.


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> On Wed, Jul 02, 2003 at 03:11:50PM +0900, imp wrote:
> > > iwconfig wlan0 ap <specific AP BSSID>
> > In this case, sta mode should know the specific AP's Mac 
> address. but, in general most card utility program
> > remember the essid name to association near other APs (same 
> essid, differ BSSID) in one to many situation... 
> > for example,
> Yes, that 'ap' command was suggested since question was about how to
> explicitly select the AP using BSSID..
> > there are three AP differ BSSID, same ESSID, in this case, 
> above method always change the BSSID with
> > iwconfig wlan0 ap (BSSID) command as mannually. when it 
> roam AP1 ->  AP2, AP2 ->AP3.
> > 
> > Could you recommand any way to automatically change link 
> with near AP in sta mode hostap box ?
> The default station functionality will make the STA roam between APs
> that are using the same SSID. In other words, just leave the 'ap'
> command away.
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