openap vs hostap.... what is the difference?

Pavel Roskin proski
Mon Jul 7 15:49:15 PDT 2003


Answering the subject - HostAP is part of OpenAP.  I asked OpenAP guys to
put it on their homepage (not just under "credits") because this question
is asked many times.  But they are probably too busy.

In fact, the OpenAP mailing list has been dead since June 1.  So here's
the second difference - HostAP is being actively developed, OpenAP is
almost dead, unofficial forks notwithstanding.

> also... is there any incompatiblity if wlan-ng and hostap are
> both installed ?

Yes.  cardmgr needs to know which driver to load.  wlan-ng config file in
/etc/pcmcia will take precedence over the one for HostAP because cardmgr
includes *.conf files in alphabetic order, and last entries take
precedence.  To avoid it, put your local config entries to
/etc/pcmcia/zlocal.conf - it works just fine for me.

Pavel Roskin

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