hostap in master mode and firmware 1.6.3

Martin Whitlock martin.whitlock
Wed Jan 29 08:40:02 PST 2003


Jouni Malinen wrote:

>On Tue, Jan 28, 2003 at 05:27:09PM +0100, Martin Whitlock wrote:
>>wlan0: prism2_rx: dropped non-data frame (type=0x00, subtype=0x08)
>Aah.. Now this is interesting. The management frame was not catched in
>the RX path.. That would certainly break AP functionality. Now I would
>like to test that even more myself ;-). Which card manufacturer is using
>these new STA firmware images?
>As a semi-blind guess, could you please try the attached patch (to the
>current CVS version) with the new station firmware and report if there
>are any changes in Host AP mode behavior?
As usual, a Jouni-labelled patch solves the problem! ;-)

The STA 1.6.3 f/w now works like a charm, even in master mode. I also 
added support for enhanced security and it seems to work fine. A hackish 
patch towards cvs is attached where you can use 'iwpriv wlan0 
prism2_param 30 [0..3]' to switch mode.
0 = normal mode (default)
1 = Show ESSID but deny "ANY"-clients
2 = Hide ESSID but accept "ANY"
3 = Hide ESSID and block "ANY"

But actually mode 1, 2 and 3 seems to have the same effect... Have to 
test this further. Another issue is that using any other mode than 0 
seems to shut out Win XP clients totally. Isn't there any way to force 
XP to connect to a ESSID, even if XP can't find the network? A HostAP 
client in managed mode with essid set to "ANY" behaves as expected. I.e. 
associates with an AP without enhanced security until you change from 
"ANY" to the correct ESSID.

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