problems with Lucent cards associating with LinkSys AP

Josh Auzins josh.auzins
Wed Jan 29 07:41:41 PST 2003


I have two different linux station running in Host AP mode, one with a
D-Link650 and the other with a LinkSys v3.

A station using Cisco Aironet 340 has no problems associating with
either of these APs.

However, a station using a Lucent card (I have two, WaveLAN Gold and
Orinoco Gold) can associate with the only the D-Link650 AP, and not with
the LinkSys AP.  Trying to force an associate with the "iwconfig
<interface> ap <ap MAC addr>" results in the error "SIOCSIWAP Operation
Not Supported".  This command (to force the association) does work with
the Cisco card.

Any suggestions on how to get these Lucents cards to associate with the
LinkSys AP?

Josh Auzins

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