Hostap will load but WILL NOT create the wlan0 interface

Jerry jerryf
Tue Jan 28 12:59:38 PST 2003


I have SuSE 80 with the stock kernel.  I can compile and install the drivers without an error.  I can also get the drivers to load at boot, or if i hotplug the pcmcia card (wpc11).

My problem is that it wont create the "wlan0" interface.  and I havent been able to figure out how to create it manually.  The drivers seem to load fine, now, but no interface to give an IP to...  any ideas? anyone??

I have been playing with 'ifup' but best i can get from it manually is 'ifup: Could not get a valid interface name: -> skipped'.  Im kinda stuck... I have tried both the CVS and the October release, and both do the same thing.


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