Coexistence of tertiary firmware and 802.1X authentication

Lin Yin-chang yclin
Mon Jan 27 01:05:46 PST 2003


    I have successfully set up an AP with HostAP 2002-10-12 release and
DWL-650. When tertiary firmware is downloaded to RAM on the wireless
card, AP also works well. However, when I enable hostapd to support
802.1X authentication, the supplicant (running Odyssey client) cannot
succesullty complete the process of authentication. Without downloading
the firmware, 802.1X authentication works well.

    So far as I know, 802.1X authentication is processed at hostapd and
subsequent per-session WEP encryption and decryption is done at hostap
driver. Is it possilbe to move the job of per-session encryption to
firmware? It not, does it mean that tertiary firmware cannot coexist with
802.1X authentication-supported hostapd?

Any help will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Best regards,
Jack Lin

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