WDS configuration issues

Dave dave
Mon Jan 27 00:04:10 PST 2003

Hi all,

I have not successfully been able to get automatic WDS functioning no matter
what version/configuration of hostap I use. I can get WDS to function by
adding the MACs manually but I can only randomly see WDS links come up
automatically using the instructions in README.prism2. All boxes are within
the same room and within feet of each other.

Could anyone help with the following questions so I can end this 4 day

1) Which version of hostap works best for automated WDS? 2002-10-12 or CVS?
and/or which version works best overall?

2) After adding wds links with iwpriv (iwpriv wlan0 wds_add
00:00:00:00:00:00), then adding the wds interfaces into a bridge (brctl
addif br0 wlan0wds0, wlan0wds1, etc) and assigning to each wds
(ifconfig wlan0wds0 up) I will continually get syslog errors (Could
not find STA for this TX error) I assume for the wds links that are not in
use yet...how to avoid this and/or how to pre-allocate the wds links if I am
doing it incorrectly? I recall a message on the mailing list where this
problem was discussed but I cannot locate that message now or what the
outcome was.

3) Will defining PRISM2_NO_STATION_MODES simply prevent the driver from ever
acting as an STA to any other device or are there other ramifications of
defining this? For the repeater AP's I don't see any reason why they would
ever need to be a STA..unless this also affects wds links or something. My
AP's only need to bridge between wlan0 and wlan0wds0/1/2 etc acting as an AP
to clients connecting to the previous/next AP via wds.

4) Is it best to use the latest firmware (1.5.6) and to use 4 address WDS
frames as opposed to the 3 address workaround? The current cards I use have
1.4.9 and I download 1.5.6 to the card on bootup. I do this right after the
interface wlan0 is created...is there a better way to do it at a different

5) The following are the exact commands that are executed at boot time after
the card is up and wlan0 is present. Does anyone see anything below that
would prevent WDS or cause problems? This has been attempted using the
current release (2002-10-12) or CVS snapshot, with and without hostapd, with

prism2_srec -r wlan0 /etc/pcmcia/rf010506.hex
prism2_param wlan0 max_wds 16
prism2_param wlan0 wds_type 4
prism2_param wlan0 other_ap_policy 1
prism2_param wlan0 ap_bridge_packets 0
prism2_param wlan0 autom_ap_wds 1
prism2_param wlan0 ap_auth_algs 1
iwconfig wlan0 txpower 20
iwconfig wlan0 channel 5
iwpriv wlan0 wds_add 00:00:00:00:00:00
brctl addbr br0
brctl addif br0 wlan0
brctl addif br0 wlan0wds0
ifconfig wlan0 up
ifconfig wlan0wds0 up
ifconfig br0 netmask broadcast up

Any help is GREATLY appreciated.

The goal of this project is basically with one AP connected to a LAN via
eth0 and providing wireless connectivity to the LAN via 20 or 30
repeating/bridging AP's thus (hopefully) extending coverage.



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