HostAP Hard Lockup

sp0de sp0de
Fri Jan 24 16:08:43 PST 2003

    I'm having a very similar problem. I can transfer files from the 
laptop to the AP computer, and from the AP computer to the laptop. I can 
also send files from the laptop through the AP computer to my desktop 
machine. The problem occurs when I try to send files to the laptop from 
the desktop. the AP will freeze up as soon as I start the transfer. I 
haven't been able to get any logs from it either.

here's my setup:

    kernel 2.4.19, belkin F5D6020 pcmcia, HostAP configured as managed, 
id=0x8002 firmware PRI 0.3.0 STA 0.8.3
    kernel 2.4.20, belkin F5D6000 pci, HostAP configured as master, 
id=0x8013 firmware upgraded to PRI 1.1.0 STA 1.4.9
    kernel 2.4.19, connected to AP via ethernet

I am not running WEP on the network, and I am using sftp to transfer 
files between computers. Ohh.. it also works just fine for internet, 
only the high speed ethernet will freeze up the AP. Well, i guess you 
can add kernel 2.4.19 and belkin F5D6020 to that list. Sorry I don't 
have any answers for you *yet*, but now you know your not alone :)


James Lewis wrote:

>Hi Everyone,
>I'm using HostAP with a netgear MA311.  I've observed a hard lock up on kernel versions 2.4.18 and 2.4.20.  Whenever my client (unsure of the chipset) is transferring a large amount of data, the host PC will lock up enitrely.
>Before I post log information that I was able to collect (which isn't much) is there a known incompatiability with HostAP (oct-12-02) and a Netgera MA311?
>Thanks in advance,
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