Setting MAC address

Denis Vlasenko vda
Fri Jan 24 03:25:04 PST 2003

On 23 January 2003 09:08, Denis Vlasenko wrote:
> > This works in my tests, both as an AP and as a station. When
> > running hostapd, one must restart hostapd after this change. Other
> > than that, there should not be other limitations on this. Anyway, I
> > would recommend changing the MAC address when the device is down.
> >
> > Please give some details about the system and configuration that
> > behaves incorrectly....
> DLink DWL-520, firmware 1.4.9, used in STA mode.
> kernel 2.4.20-pre11, wireless extensions 14.
> hostap-2002-10-12 is installed, but I use mainline kernel's
> orinoco_pci.
> Will try with hostap (and kernel 2.4.20) instead.

Tried. hostap_pci works even better that mainline's orinoco_pci.

Specifically, with orinoco I get some dups when I ping
and TCP is very slow. Hostap does not show dups, TCP is notably
faster. I experience a bit of packet loss is due to weak signal,
it's happening with both drivers.


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