radius & traffic shaping

Cornelisse cornelisse
Wed Jan 22 08:23:00 PST 2003

Hello all,


I've been playing around with a soekris net4521 for a couple of weeks
now. So far I've tried Leaf Wisp-dist and the pebble release, but these
two releases lack a couple of features I need.


What I'm trying to build is a authentication gateway (802.1x) in
combination with a Radius server (eg freeradius). So if a customer wants
access on an AP a login box appears (windows), after that the gateway
checks with the radius server what type of subscription the customer has
(1024/512 or 512/64) and then sets the appropriate rate for that session
(traffic shaping)


I know that with tc and ipchains this can already be achieved, but I
want to integrate this into a radius server. I this even possible ?




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