updating firmware on zoomair 4100(05)

Ian Cass ian.cass
Wed Jan 22 08:11:26 PST 2003

> does anybody have any experience of carrying out this update with the
> zoomair cards?  any advice or help would be very welcome.

Compile and install the latest HostAP (CVS). Compile and the prism2_srec
from the utils directory. Copy prism2_srec to /usr/local/sbin

Get the latest firmware hex files

For me, the relevant file was r1010506.hex. Copy it to

Insert the following in your /etc/pcmcia/wireless..

    # Set all desired settings via iwconfig

    # Do a hard reset to make sure the card is initialised properly
    log $IWPATH/iwpriv $DEVICE reset 1

    # Upgrade the firmware first
    log /usr/local/sbin/prism2_srec -r $DEVICE /etc/pcmcia/firmware.hex
    sleep 2

Works a treat for me.

Ian Cass

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