Which card has a most power?!

Jacques Caron Jacques.Caron
Wed Jan 22 06:19:22 PST 2003


I would be surprised if that card had 100mW, most PRISM-based cards only 
have 30mW. The most powerful cards around have 200mW, and Senao has one of 
those (and it is PRISM-based).

Note however that in Europe, ETSI regulations prohibit going over 100mW 
EIRP (to avoid interference to other users of the 2.4GHz band), which means 
about 30mW output power with a standard dipole antenna, and less as you 
increase your antenna gain. Cards sold for Europe usually have this limit 
set in the card, but if you import cards made for the US market (where the 
limits are much higher in general, and even higher for ptp links), it is 
your responsibility to make sure you don't go over the limit. There have 
been known cases in ETSI-regulated countries (e.g. France) of people being 
fined and asked to tear down their installation because they were going 
over the limits. Which all means that unless you are willing to take the 
risk (and potentially annoy all your neighbors), there is no reason to use 
a card with more than 30mW output power.

Hope that helps,


At 07:40 22/01/2003, Carsten Tschach wrote:
>I do have a Compaq WL200 card and was told, that this has 100 mW of power.
>But I now have heard, that there are other cards with more power - so I
>would like to know which one has the most....
>Bye, Carsten
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