IAPP using HostAP-2002-10-12

wlan wlan
Wed Jan 22 05:07:02 PST 2003

> > Could you please suggest a way to retrieve the STA related information from hostAP with respect to the following
> > 
> >   1.. Is the STA already associated with HostAP. If yes, what is its association Id ?
> >   2.. Where and how can I remove association of STA in the old AP after it moves to a New AP area.
> I'm assuming you are linking your code with hostapd. In this case you
> can use ap_get_sta() function to fetch station info based on MAC address
> and sta->aid contains the association id allocated for that station (or
> 0 if AID has not yet been allocated).

Is there a external command to get stations associated with an hostap


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