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Mon Jan 20 08:11:07 PST 2003

I didn't think every NIC card was able to reassign its MAC address.

Is there a reason why the driver would neccesarily be able to do this?


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On Monday 20 January 2003 02:58 am, Denis Vlasenko wrote:
> Hi wireless people.
> I seem to be unable to set MAC address.
> It seems to work and I can see my frames with right
> MAC address with tcpdump. The problem is, other hosts
> do not like me anymore :( I see zero incoming packets.
> This happens even if I set MAC addr before bringing
> iface up. I.e. no host can possibly cache stale ARP
> data...

I have similiar results.  Communications simply stop or never start.  Most 

> I'd be grateful if anyone will do a quick check on their
> hardware/firmware/driver combo and tell me the results.
> --
> vda


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