IAPP using HostAP-2002-10-12

Mohit Bajpai mohit
Tue Jan 21 03:22:09 PST 2003

Hi Jouni,

We are in an advanced stage of implementing IAPP on HostAP for which we are using HostAP 2002-10-12 release for our implementation. 802.11f Draft 3.1 has been taken as a reference for the development of IAPP stack. We have used a modular approach while implementing the same & done minimal changes to the main HostAP code. . IAPP specific code has been mostly implemented as an additional library of functions to be linked to the main HostAP .We are facing some problems while implementing this related to retrieval of STA information from HostAP.

Could you please suggest a way to retrieve the STA related information from hostAP with respect to the following

  1.. Is the STA already associated with HostAP. If yes, what is its association Id ?
  2.. Where and how can I remove association of STA in the old AP after it moves to a New AP area.
Please reply.

Thanks and Regards
Mohit Bajpai
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