DLink DWL-520 + hostap in STA mode

Denis Vlasenko vda
Sun Jan 19 23:45:16 PST 2003

On 17 January 2003 10:08, Denis Vlasenko wrote:
> DLink DWL-520
> 2.4.20-pre11, wireless extensions 14, hostap-2002-10-12
> We (my father and me) made a fairly long helical aerial.
> We are trying to communicate over ~15 km with a small wireless cell.
> (~10 hosts, one AP).
> Mainline kernel's orinoco_pci module works but seems to lose
> an association within ~30 secs and is not able to restore it without
> ifconfig down/up cycle. Win98 driver fares better but dies too
> after ~3 mins.
> I am trying hostap now. It loads without problems but does not work,
> I am unable to switch the node into STA mode.
> Looks like card's firmware is old. Where can I find newer one?
> (I'll go googling to try and find it myself...)

Found 1.4.9 firmware. Flashed it in. Makes lots of difference.
Basically everything works with mainline kernel's orinoco_pci
(stopped using hostap since I do not need AP now).

Thanks guys for all your numerous responses ;)

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