which card (in the world) ?

Andreani Luca landreani
Thu Jan 16 06:16:44 PST 2003

Hi all,

I want to try the possibility of built a cheap Acess point using only a
terminal card.
I know it is possible to do this with the hostap driver.
I spent the last week searching the right cards to buy, but it seems that
all vendors are migrating from prism2 to different chips.
It is impossible to find d-link 520 or 640 cards. You can find only 520+ and
640+ (non prism based)
Linksys seems to use a broadcom chip now in its WMP11 card.
Compaq/HP migrated to new 22Mbps chip based line of product.

Is there in the world a card that is still based in prism2 chip and works as
AP with the driver?
Please give me an answer,

Luca Andreani

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