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Wed Jan 15 20:14:46 PST 2003

On Tue, Jan 14, 2003 at 04:14:31PM +0900, ?vBXXZcX0-? wrote:

> These day, I'm try to porting ucd-snmp code for the 802.11 MIB for snmp management.

That could be useful addition and any contribution on it will be

> by the way, the 802.11 mib have defined the dot11AuthenticationResponseTimeOut as a read-write
> I think It match for the REAUTH_TIMER_DEFAULT_reAuthPeriod in hostapd at eapol_sm.h file

Are you sure that this 802.11 mib item would match with 802.1x value?
reAuthPeriod is dot1xAuthReAuthPeriod in 802.1x MIB.. (but yes, it is
read-write). dot11AuthenticationResponseTimeOut is the maximum time that
STA should wait for next authentication frame. I think it is mostly for
station functionality, but it could actually affect APs when shared key
authentication is used (i.e., delay between frames 2 and 3). However,
current Host AP driver does not implement such limit. Station data will
eventually expire, but it is not exactly the same thing as this timeout.

> the problem is it used as definition not variable...  and I will find more definition for this kinds of 
> variables in 802.11 MIB.. 

REAUTH_TIMER_DEFAULT_reAuthPeriod is the default value assigned for
sm->reauth_timer.reAuthPeriod that is a variable and can be modified..

> In this case, what is the best way to avoid future conflict in source code level ? 

For this particular variable, using correct mib would help in avoidinf
conflicts ;-). For other items, reporting possibly missing values or
conflicts early would probably be the best way to avoid wasting more
time on conflicts later.

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