about noise level, signal level and quality

Michael Smith msmith
Wed Jan 15 07:46:23 PST 2003

On Mon, 13 Jan 2003, Hairong Sun wrote:

> I have two WLANs in lab (same room, close to each other):
> WLAN 1: one linksys AP and one STA associated with the linksys AP,
> set channel # =8, and download a long file.
> WLAN 2: one hostap and one STA associated with the hostap
> I ran the site survey and confirmed there is no other WLAN nearby.

I don't think the noise stats that the AP on WLAN 2 sees are meaningful
unless there's a lot of traffic going over both networks.

Signal and noise levels in STA mode are given in dBm with this driver I
think. Unfortunately the levels in AP mode are in some unknown (to me)
unit from the firmware. AP mode also doesn't seem to generate a link
quality for its STAs, but you can simulate it pretty easily with a
signal:noise ratio on a logarithmic scale (or so I've found).


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