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Tue Jan 14 11:58:47 PST 2003

I've not tried one as of yet; but this card (100mW):

shows some promising numbers on both ends... 

I've been eyeing the 200mW version for myself... 


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I am embarking on a project which will either use PCMCIA or mini-PCI 
Wifi cards.  I am obviously going to use Prism 2/2.5/3 cards as those
are the only ones that seem to have Open Source access to the AP 
functions.  I am however using external aerials, over as great a 
distance as possible, so I need cards that give as good power output
and receive sensitivity, and do not rely on internal aerials.  In
particular for the PCMCIA cards I need to have more than one card
in each node, and I need to be able to put two cards into adjacent
sockets (assume a physical configuration like a laptop with two
PCMCIA slots), without the pigtails interfering with each other.
I am doing this in the UK, so I will need cards that are available
and legal in this country (I understand for instance that 200mW 
cards are available in the US but are not legal in the UK).

Any suggestions.

Thanks in advance

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