Transmit timed out occurred!

cupid90 at cupid90
Sun Jan 12 18:02:33 PST 2003

Hi, This is Mr.Roh.

I am porting to embedded wireless AP router by using HostAP driver.
ping is good. but when I have performance test by using FTP program, the following message was displayed.
the messages are like this:
 NETDEV WATCHDOG: wlan0ap: transmit timed out
 wlan0ap Tx timed out! Resetting card
 hostap_cs: wlan0: resetting card

I looked for the old mailing list, and read Jouni Malinen's reply.
but I did not understand irq_mode and PCIC_OPTS. Our pcmicia does not use PCI bus.

our chipset is ARM-9 family chipset. and my kernel version is 2.4.17
and prism2_param command also does not working. If I type the command, "syntax error" messages was displayed.

I hope somebody who have been experienced the above errors could help me.


      Roh you-chang

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      Access Network SOC Team
      System LSI Business
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