What to do now?

Michal Semler cijoml
Fri Jan 10 14:24:27 PST 2003

Dne p? 10. leden 2003 16:04 jste napsal(a):
> My cards (Proxim RangeLan-DS) still dont work under linux :(

Proxim RangeLan drivers are here:



> They do respond under linux (I can change modes, and see the lights do
> different things...) but I dont have them doing anything usefull.
> They Do work under windows95/98. (but ... windows doesnt do what I need)
> They are 3.3v cards forced into 5v controllers.
> New cards arent an option
> New laptops arent an option
> hostap is really what I need to work (although just orinoco would be nice
> too) writing David Hinds (maintainer of pcmcia) bounces. and no-reply.
> All the linux software compiles ok, configs seem ok, dmesg looks good.
> Cards do not work under linux :(
> Jamie

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