Compaq WL100 & 0.2.1 PRI

Stephane Matis petergun
Thu Jan 9 19:21:51 PST 2003

Is there a way to upgrade a Compaq WL100's primary 0.2.1 ?

I would like to get to 0.3.0 or higher, to remove one more potential 
pitfall in debugging inter-machine weirdness.

I have an OpenBSD 3.2 box running AP mode with Linksys 0.3.0/0.8.3 
connecting fine with a Mac G4 airport card, hex based WEP. A1

The WL100 in Win98 sees the AP, indicates excellent signal strength, 
but doesn't seem to send/received. I suspect some sort of WEP related 

Anyone ?



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