wds encryption II

Alessandro Bondoli alessandro.bondoli
Thu Jan 9 09:22:09 PST 2003

Recently I had need to build a point-to-point encrypted link using another
couple of aps (LinuxAP) and cipe. No success, and this mainy due to
impossibility of routing packets along the network space.
A few months ago I used hostap's wds connections to make a similar job (on
OpenSTA) but unencrypted and all was fine.
On hostap's readme, I read that wds should be encrypted in order to avoid
problems of eavesdropping and intromissions from outer world: this is what I
need to do, but don't know how to reach the goal.
No googles on this matter out there... did anybody encrypted traffic on wds
and tell what are the trick(s) to do that ?
regards, Alex

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