Function of hostapd?

Reyk Floeter reyk
Tue Jan 7 01:30:17 PST 2003

On Mon, Jan 06, 2003 at 10:02:01PM -0800, Jouni Malinen wrote:


> Nowadays, hostapd includes quite a bit more than only 802.11
> authentication and association. It supports IEEE 802.1x authentication
> and authorization, RADIUS accounting, parts of IAPP, etc. In addition,
> most of the new higher level functionality will be added only to the
> user space daemon and using hostapd (i.e., define PRISM2_HOSTAPD for the
> driver) will eventually become the default option and I might even
> remove the option to cleanup the driver code (i.e., remove all the
> authentication and association related functionality from the kernel
> driver).

i'm currently writing a linux- driver for the atheros ar5000 802.11a
chipset. the latest driver only supports rx in rfmon mode, but tx and
all the other stuff is work in progress

the ar5k chipset handles most of it's 802.11- related stuff host-
based and it's possible to implement an accesspoint with 802.1x
support, host- based crypto (by disabling the on-card WEP engine) and
so on... before re- inventing the wheel and implementing all the stuff
it would be a fine solution to use use the existing hostapd (with some
driver- independent interfaces) with this driver. 

how do you think about it?


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