hostapd forking and enhancements

Ian Cass ian.cass
Tue Jan 7 01:08:57 PST 2003

> > 1) hostapd should support forking. I have tried to use "hostapd &" on my
> > init scripts in order to get it loaded on startup but as soon as the
> > init script dies the hostapd dies with it.

I've used this for years now.
It was originally designed for Quake game servers, but it will work for just
about anything you throw at it. These days I use it to control my perl code.

Basically, it spawns the process of your choice on a virtual terminal
instead of 'login'. All config is done in /etc/inittab.

> I would pass interface name and MAC address of the station, but yes,
> something like this has been requested couple of times. Instead of
> external program, hostapd could also use RADIUS server directly since
> there is already routines for generating and parsing RADIUS messages.

Would also be cool if there was a way to tag packets from each user
differently as they fly past so we can maintain the concept of sessions all
the way to the firewall. This then allows tradition logon processes, such as
a web page to stand a chance of working even halfway securely. Vlan tagging
perhaps? or TOS at a stretch.

Ian Cass

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