Function of hostapd?

Dave dave
Mon Jan 6 22:14:50 PST 2003

If there is a vote going on regarding removing all
association/authentication/management from the driver code and putting it in
userspace....then I am +1 on it...;)


> hostapd is a user space alternative for handling IEEE 802.11 management
> functions (like authentication and association) that was originally
> performed in the kernel driver. The default configuration is still to
> use kernel driver for this; this does not require hostapd at all.
> However, hostapd is the future :-).
> Nowadays, hostapd includes quite a bit more than only 802.11
> authentication and association. It supports IEEE 802.1x authentication
> and authorization, RADIUS accounting, parts of IAPP, etc. In addition,
> most of the new higher level functionality will be added only to the
> user space daemon and using hostapd (i.e., define PRISM2_HOSTAPD for the
> driver) will eventually become the default option and I might even
> remove the option to cleanup the driver code (i.e., remove all the
> authentication and association related functionality from the kernel
> driver).
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