Function of hostapd?

Jason Boxman jasonb
Mon Jan 6 15:41:18 PST 2003

Phillip.Watts at said:

> I have built a linux router with a DLink DWL 520 pci card
> as my internal interface using the hostap_pci.o as the driver
> and the mode set to MASTER.
> This router is now functioning as an Access Point, perfectly as
> far as I can tell.(GREAT software, way to go.)
> I  do NOT have hostapd loaded.  I cannot tell from the
> README what its function is.  Anyone enlighten me?

hostapd is a userspace daemon that deals with 802.1x related things.

If you compile with hostapd support enabled, you have to run hostapd for
anything useful to be possible with your card in master mode.

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