Wireless on IPAQ

Bichot Guillaume Princeton BichotG
Mon Jan 6 14:08:46 PST 2003

Referring some emails exchanges on linux-arm-kernel list in last Novemeber
about Wireless on IPAQ; I understood that (and I confirm) only the couple
wvlan_cs driver,Lucent/orinoco card works fine whatever the Familiar release
and the ipaq series. However I need to work with the hostap_cs driver for
different reasons. What I've tested is that the behavior is different
depending on the card but also depending on the ipaq version. Any way the
best I could obtain was something running but with these so famous timeouts
(watch-dog). I've read that this should come from the PCMCIA access time. 
My question is then how can we change this PCMCIA access timeout ?

Thanks in advance for the help.

Guillaume Bichot
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