Dead card

Yon Uriarte havanna_moon
Mon Jan 6 11:34:23 PST 2003


 I'm having problems with an SMC2632W (prism2) card. After forgetting to
plug the AC-cord on the laptop, it run until its battery drained and it
automatically shut down. Afterward, the card wont associate with the AP
anymore. Monitor mode works (!). This was under linux. I've tested it
under windows, and it doesnt work either. Updating to sta 1.4.9 didnt help
either (linux or windows).

 I'm not susbscribed, so please, CC me.. I'll happily provide any
information required.

BTW, I cant get the last version of hostap to work on my kernel (fails
when assigning an IRQ), but I suspect a pcmcia-cs/kernel version mismatch.

TIA, regards,

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