FW 1.4.9

ftpMaster ftpmaster
Mon Jan 6 03:02:32 PST 2003

just f***ed up a Prism2.5 PCMCIA card...
First I updated a Prism2 (0x8002) PCMCIA 0.3.0/0.8.0 to 1.3.4, later to
1.4.9 with the file posted by Pedro Estrela.
Everything worked OK. I didn't found any other Pri F/W to D/L for it.
Then (tried to) update(d) the Prism2.5 (0x800c) PCMCIA 1.0.5/1.3.4 to 1.4.9.
The winupdate program reported successfull update, after wich windblows
begun to slow down and locked temporarily, until the card was ejected.
After reinsertion, same simptoms. The card wouldn't be recognized again.
It seems that it's necessary to update simultaneously the Pri F/W to 1.1.0
(wich comes in the same archive with Sta F/W 1.4.9), wich worked on another
identical card.
Is there any utility wich permits flashing 1.3.4 again, without the card
beeing recognized by the O/S?

Best regards,

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