Use Linksys WMP11 (PCI) with hostap ?

Peter De Cleyn Peter.DeCleyn
Thu Jan 2 15:48:21 PST 2003

On Thu, 2 Jan 2003, Per Weisteen wrote:

> I feel there is some confusion re. the use of Linksys PCI WMP11 card as an Access Point.
> I've seen some info indicating that the card is not compatible with the hostap driver
> ( while
> AVS ( in their compatibility list states that the card is a PRISM2 compatible card.


Only the firmware of your card is not compatible with the HostAP mode, so
other modes should work!.
This can easily be changed as is also described in the article ( or one of
the other 2 about wlans) on the site you mention. The trick is to load
another secondary firmware in RAM. I tried this with the WPC 11 (pcmcia version)
and this works pretty well.


> Could anyone enlighten me on this subject ?
> If the WMP11 Card is not supported could anyone suggest a PCI card (preferrably with external antenna) that is ?
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> Per W.
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